To be sustainable you need to see the full picture

Sustainability is a long-term commitment

There is no shortcut to being a sustainable brand, it needs constant questioning of existing practices and the vision to try new approaches. At B&C we’ve been committed to economic, social and environmental sustainability since our creation in1997, adapting our products, production and business processes to improve working conditions and limit our impact on the environment.

A Holistic View

We know that sustainability goes far beyond organic cotton and that’s why we’re driving positive change along our full value chain, from farms to factories, from warehousing to office processes. Our holistic approach means you can have a sustainable collection, whatever B&C products you choose. And all that without compromising on quality.

Sustainable by Design

Consideration of environmental and social impacts starts with product design and choice of fabric, and that’s why we focus on the use of natural fibres, keeping the percentage of polyester low in our garments. Cotton in all its forms is at the heart of our collection, and by consistently developing our  use of both Organic in Conversion and Better Cotton too we’re investing in our environmental future and  improving the earnings of farmers. Working towards long term goals we’re helping to deliver immediate environmental and social benefits to local communities.

Organic in conversion

Sustainable Partnerships

80% of B&Cs production comes from just 11 partner factories. Through long-term relationships we encourage and support each factory in being more environmentally and socially compliant. From the mandatory installation of effective effluent treatment plants (ETP) to strict adherence to our social compliance guidelines, monitoring and guiding all our partners contributes a great deal to the quality and sustainability of our products.

Fair Wear Foundation Leader

Sustainable Community

Our European warehouse is designed to give back to the community! Producing its own green energy thanks to wind turbines and solar panels on site, the excess power produced supplies 2250 neighbouring households. But that’s not all. We also move our products along Europe’s waterways rather than by road, significantly reducing emissions. Making sure we’re limiting our environmental impact close to home is important too.

Sustainable at work

At B&C sustainability is a mindset which goes beyond products and production. It’s something we’re all focused on, in everything we do. That’s why we’ve worked hard to reduce the carbon footprint of our offices. By making the right choices in energy, travel and office design and by implementing the right procedures in recycling and paperless communications we have significantly reduced the carbon emissions of both our our European HQ and our Asian office. We are also committed to offsetting remaining emissions by investing in recognised carbon offset projects. Thanks to these efforts and investments we can now say that our European HQ and Asian office are Carbon Neutral!

Carbon Neutral

Inspired Tomorrow _°

If you’re looking for styles produced with added sustainable credentials then the B&C Inspired Tomorrow_° label is for you. Combining contemporary designs with great wearability, made of more sustainable fabrics and produced in a conscious manner, the B&C Inspired Tomorrow_°styles  are the perfect basis for your sustainable collection.

Inspired tomorrow_°

B&C can deliver your sustainable collection

Our commitment to sustainability in every area of our business is your guarantee that the products you’ll offer your customers are made by a company striving to limit the negative impacts on our planet whilst improving peoples lives and working conditions. That’s a great selling point!

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