The key to traceability lies in B&C Collection’s long-term supplier partnerships

The power of partnerships

Delivering responsibly produced styles of consistent quality has been at the heart of B&C’s strategy since its establishment in 1997.  Achieving and maintaining this over the last 25 years has only been possible thanks to the development of long-term partnerships with a limited number of trusted local factories in Asia. Trust and respect are the foundations of these relationships, leading to constant innovation and improvements in all areas of the production process.

How this delivers traceability

It all starts with selecting the right factories. At B&C a manufacturer can only become a long-term business partner after the successful completion of a strict vetting process measuring quality, production capacity and social compliance. All this before a first order is placed. First test orders including product quality and factory controls are next, and these need to be faultless before a true partnership begins.

That’s just the start. Investing time and effort on the ground to help each partner factory develop and become even better across all areas of the production process is what brings long-term value, but it’s not possible when there are too many factories, too many manufacturers. By limiting the number of active partner factories B&C can give each one the best support. Through our local office of 22 experienced quality controlers who regularly visit every business partner, we ensure not only consistent quality but also strict adherence to social compliance standards.

Because strong relationships are built on mutual trust and respect we’re also committed to planning our repeat production runs so each supplier can manage their production schedules, their workforce planning, and also their cash flow. Large regular orders and timely payments mean not only guaranteed product availability but also better working conditions for all employees. Not only that, it also ensures their is no sub-contracting, so B&Cs products are more traceable.

Commitment to People

Traceability to guarantee product quality and availability is important of course. But these days it’s just as important to know about the people who make the products – Who are they? How do they work? How are they paid?

As a Fair Wear Foundation Leader, B&C has confirmed its commitment to the continuous improvement of working conditions in all it’s partner factories. The local team make daily factory visits to check on facilities and the wellbeing of employees. This includes making sure overtime work is kept to a minimum and there is no sub-contracting.

Thanks to strict compliance guidelines, but also to managed order and payment processes, B&C help make sure the people who make their garments work in the best possible environments. This has been confirmed by a score of 82% in the Fair Wear Foundation Brand Performance Check, making B&C a Fair Wear Foundation Leader.

B&C can answer your need for traceability

In short, we can trace our production because we have trusted long-term partnerships with a limited number of trusted partner factories. We know where each of our styles comes from, how it is produced and by whom.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy supply chain to help you build your collection, then contact us.

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