No financial risk

Make long-term financial commitments in distant production centres a thing of the past. Order what you need just when you need it thanks to our flexible order policy, from one piece to thousands of pieces the choice is yours, as with us there are NO minimum order quantities.

  • Don’t tie up capital unnecessarily
  • Don’t order quantities you’ll never sell
  • Stay flexible to re-order based on your sales, at minimum cost
  • Reduce wastage and end-of-season discounting

No supply chain or logistics risk

Placing orders a year ahead and managing the challenges of long-distance deliveries, especially in current market conditions, can create so many headaches. Let us take the pressure off. We have over 20 million pieces in stock in Europe, ready to be delivered to your door in 24 hours by one of our 54 wholesalers, so you can respond to your customer needs in a heartbeat.

  • No more long-term planning or unforeseen delay
  • Reduce your inventory costs
  • Stock management and storage made easy
  • Rely on our 25 years experience in sourcing and supply chain management

Ensure consistent availability

With 95 styles, available in over 155 colours in our collection, we can offer you garments for all seasons, from lightweight tanks to autumnal hoods, all of which are always available from our European warehouses. It’s this consistency of availability over our full range which gives you the flexibility to focus only on stocking what your customers need, throughout the year.

  • Your bestselling style never again out of stock
  • Avoid seasonal stock dips
  • Get smart with replenishments, order only what you need
  • Never miss a seasonal opportunity

Bolster your sustainable credentials

Having a sustainable offer for your customers is more and more important, but you want to be sure that the promises you make are real, and that’s important to us too. For us sustainability is a mindset, from our choice of fabrics to our carbon neutral warehouse everything we do targets the lowest possible environmental impact. We recognise that lasting prosperity relies on a holistic approach, combining ecological, social and economic dimensions and striving towards this is what drives us.

  • Fully certified fabrics you (and your customers) can trust
  • We protect our workforce, so you protect your reputation
  • The traceability of our supply chain is your green guarantee
  • We do the research and innovation so you can reap the benefits

Guarantee your quality

If decoration is your business, then developing products which will meet your high standards has been ours for over 25 years. Our recognition by the market is proof that we have got this right. Thanks to constant research & innovation and rigorous testing we’ve developed fabrics which constantly deliver decoration excellence, including all our most recent developments in sustainable fibres.

  • Don’t limit your creativity, you can rely on results
  • 155 colours ready to be your canvas
  • Consistent results whatever fabric
  • On-trend re-brandable styles to match your designs

Safeguard your reputation

In today’s world where reputation is everything, where one review can make all the difference, we can bring you peace of mind thanks to our stringent quality controls at source. Our team of 22 experienced controllers review every production to ensure it is faultless even before it leaves the factory. We pride ourselves on the quality of each of our garments and so should you.

  • End unwanted customer returns
  • Take the time to focus on service (not claims)
  • Invest in a collection you can trust
  • Rely on experienced support if you need it
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